What is the mean of outbound? And what is the purpose of the outbound activity?
Indeed, the outbound is a form of way for evaluation in a form of self-development or with a group, through the formation of distinctive features such as openness, tolerance, togetherness, sensitivity to the sense of need and the soul to be the leader of the desire for the group or other people, by using the place of nature so media or facilities to learn and apply the way of evaluation of the development that byasa familiar with the name of outbound training.
According to Ancock (2002), education through this open-air activity began in th. 1821 when built Round Hill School but not yet well compiled and composed according to the same amount and needs. With structured education through the media an outbound activity actually begins on th. 1941 in England. Educational institutions such as the first outbound school was built and built by a man named Kurt Hahn, an educator or byasa referred to a German trainer or facilitator who worked with a British trader named Lawrence Holt. because the working relationship of these 2 people is to make education based on adventures (adventured based education) as a forerunner to outbound to date.

The system of seeking experience through outdoor activities has been around since ancient Greece. Education has a purpose to raise awareness in young groups if actions taken during education bring consequences and foster a sense of togetherness and affection for others. Succeeding from educational institutions that make many educational institutions such as made in several countries including in England, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Similarly in Indonesia, some management education institutions have been using outbound ways to teach management plans.

According to Lamury (2003), the outbound core is when one leaves the comfort of a household or a familiar workplace to a strange place by risking himself in various possibilities to that end, so he has also done outbound activities. When a step change thinks and steps in doing something for the purpose of acquiring a new thing, which in the end of the acquisition is also not without the possibility, meaning he also has done activities outbound bustle.

Outbound is not just walking when you follow the education as well as the course with the physical or groove course, but when we bet the comfort and reliability that we have to pursue a new thing, with the course has the possibility, so meaningful have done Outbound activities.

Outbound method has also been used for psychiatric therapy needs, increase self-esteem of naughty children, narcotics addicts, and distress in social relationships and outbound usage now also penetrated into the world of education and apparatus courses (Lamury, 2003).

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